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Other Beads

Here are a few examples of other glass bead designs I've made.

My landscape beads are a real escape for me, and where I step away from my obsession with transparent glass. I sometimes try for vivid realism, other times I am after a more symbolic effect.

Other beads here represent ongoing experiments and new ideas, including the painted watercolor enamel work, a very time and labor intensive technique I don't get a chance to do often

Cypress Lake bead
Cypress Lake Bead

This bead portrays the bayou landscape of my adopted home in south Louisiana. Bald Cypress trees grow in the water here, sending  up woody "knees" from their root systems. These may help the trees "breathe" in the wet soil.

About 1.75" by 1.25".

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Evangeline Oak bead
Evangeline Oak Bead

This bead shows an ancient Live Oak tree adorned with Spanish moss. The Live Oaks of south Louisiana can live over 500 years and grow to majestic proportions.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic poem Evangeline tells the tragic tale of lovers separated when the French settlers were expelled from Acadia. The Evangeline Oak stands here in St. Martin Parish and is a symbol of the enduring love of Evangeline for her lost love, Gabriel.

Approximately 1.25" by 1".

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Cherry tree black
Black Cherry Tree in Bloom

Black cherry tree in bloom on grey marbled base bead.

Approximately 1.75" by .5".

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cherry tree ivory
Cherry tree in bloom

Cherry tree in bloom on ivory base bead, black ends caps framing the scene.

Approximately 1.75" by .5".

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Japanese maple tree bead
Japanese Maple Tree

Japanese maple tree in full fall colors on an ivory
base bead, black ends frame the scene.

Approximately 1.75" by .5".

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grey-black zen garden tree
Zen Garden Tree

More abstract Zen garden tree in black and white. Intense
black swirls and black wood on a grey marbled base bead.

Approximately 1.75" by .5".

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Gizmotivated Beads

Inspired by Budd Mellichamp, who kindly shared his technique for carefully controlling stacked dot "gizmos" in his seascape beads. Rest in peace, Budd, you were a fne gentleman.

These beads display the full rainbow color spectrum, with 14 layers of dots on 12 "gizmoids" spaced around the bead.

Approximately 1.25" diameter by .75" wide.

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Horses from Lascaux cave paintings
Cave Paintings

Horses and aurochs bull painted in watercolor enamel on an ivory glass base bead. Inspired by images from The Hall of The Bulls in the Lascaux caves of France.

Approximately 1" high x 1" wide.

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Aurochs from Lascaux cave paintings

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