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Here are some earrings I've created with my etched glass beads.
There are three basic types of earrings I usually make:  light drop earrings with single beads, more highly ornamented earrings with multiple beads and a bit more silver shine, and longer earrings using slender bicone beads.

Drop Earrings
with sterling accent beads and findings

Beads approximately 12 mm diameter, earrings about 2 cm long

Diagonal Stripe on
clear & black glass
Oak Leaves on
clear & sage glass
Tiger Stripes on
clear & dk. amber glass
Hearts on
clear & black glass
Honeycombs on
light & dk. amber glass
Drop earrings, etched diagonal stripes Drop earrings, etched oak leaves Drop earrings, etched tiger stripes Drop earrings, etched hearts Drop earrings, etched honeycomb

Slender Bicone Earrings

Beads approximately 3 cm x 1 cm, earings about 4 cm long. Click image to enlarge.

Polka Dots
blue & amethyst glass
Leaves & Vines
emerald & light green glass
Periwinkle Blooms
aqua glass
Polka dot slender bicone earrings

Green leaf & vine bicone earrings Slender bicone earrings

Triple-Drop Earrings

Beads approximately 12 mm and 8 mm, earrings about 3.5 cm long

Triple Drop Earring, hearts on aqua glass> </a></div>
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These earrings include three glass beads with sterling accent beads between, giving them more silver sparkle.

Here are two examples, on the left with etched hearts in aqua glass, and on the right with textural clear roses over Tourmaline pink Czech glass.

Extra-long earwires balance the earrings so they hang nicely.

Click either image to enlarge.